So today is the last day of the month! Oh! damn it, of the year. So I feel like writing something free style, not a poem, not a prose, not something constricted or constructed within the canopies of writing. I just wanna write.

First, (oh my goodness, I’m soo thrilled I can feel the feels filling and drilling right through this steel seals of emotions) I met a boy. Well, I met whole lot male species in the entire year, but there’s something about this particular specimen of the male specie.

I call him a boy cause he makes me feel like a 20 year old toddler, chasing butterflies and plucking buttercups with flutter moods and limbs that dart up and down the stairs in pairs with a resounding musical number again and again. I can’t even remember a toddler me doing that.

I call him a boy be cause…

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