Hope Despite Horror :: Shawn Coss, Sz Stigma, Truck Fump, and the SPLC

“…a [potentially] powerful correlation between President Trump’s anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant tweets and hate crimes against those minorities, the correspondence in numbers does not prove causation, but does indicate a role in the phenomenon.

“…[no] significant correlation…”

Brian Levin, director of the Center, which is based at Cal State University-San Bernardino:

“Still, it is well worth noting that cumulatively there were 24.8 million impressions of the racially divisive Facebook ad placements alone from June 2015 to August 2017, with millions more related to crime, policing and immigration.”

little treacheries of international propaganda conspiracy are hate crimes against the state which amount to sedition if not treason



a matter rather of when than whether

give #BIGDON enough rope

every inch given a mile taken


kegstand on the twitter #fumptrunk and #twittersoapboxersunion

realDonaldTrump needs https://www.muzbnb.com/ and the US needs the Southern Poverty Law Center

flash back to two months into this turd tornado –> https://twitter.com/uttleysz/status/843950744839643141

wee ditty


During #inktober, Shawn Coss created a series of representations of mental illnesses.

I found his work on BoredPanda, and was blown away not only by the quality of the art and the awesome way in which he captured the essence of the phenomenon of ‘voices’ as experienced by sufferers of Sz ,  but also by the avalanche of comments his work generated there on BoredPanda. Comment after comment after comment from sufferers, family members, friends… the most heart-rending testimonials of Sz I have yet to come across. I was moved to reply to several of the comments. And I posted my own comment too:

Simply brilliant, this artwork. The dark chorus. In my experience of Sz, they pounce on your every thought and twist it against you. Every single thought, constantly, which is utterly fatiguing and distracting… The detail which strikes me the most here is the suffering in her…

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